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And I'm just talking about your base rate and hours, forget about ever getting a bonus correctly paid. These guys are trying to cut costs by consistently underpaying workers. When it comes to bonuses the terms for getting them will constantly shift in favor of the company. Ie th minute you think you earned a bonus the management will inform you that the terms just changed and somehow you missed out, if they do pay a bonus it will always be less than what was agreed upon initially and if you bother to dispute it they will fight you tooth and nail for every dollar they owe you. Kpis are high and the training program is an absolute joke. Training is just doing sales pitches to other employees who started with the company at the same time or even later than you, which even if that was a valid simulation of field sales it isn't at all because fellow employees are always gonna be receptive to youit still is useless because the people you pitch too are just as inexperienced as you are. The upper managers have a manic obsession with bothering on and on about inconsequential nonsense at morning meetings cutting into your time in the field and lowering chances of hitting daily targets. At one point a manager dropped to the ground to illustrate a point about his son playing soccer, completely irrelevant and borderline insane.

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Nelson, Karin Norges musikkhøgskole. The empirical core of the project is a number of experimental performance sessions carried out in Studio Acusticum, Piteå, a concert hall with mechanically variable acoustics. A presentation of the project, its preconditions, goals, design and methodology is followed by an overview of previous research, mostly in acoustic science, on the same or closely related topics. In the third part of the article, characteristics of the present project are compared to those of the previous studies. The authors argue that the project, while showing certain similarities to previous studies, differs considerably with respect to aims and important aspects of design, and that its characteristic features agree well with those usually regarded as typical of artistic research. Analysis of periodontal risk profiles in adults with or without a history of myocardial infarction Renvert, Stefan Kristianstad University, School of Health and Society, Avdelningen för Hälsovetenskap. Persson, G. AIMS: To study whether a combination of clinical variables in a functional risk diagram enhanced the ability to differentiate between subjects with or without an immediate history of acute myocardial infarction AMI.

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Arsel well as being able to accommodate earlier technology it also features the most modern developments, the latest of which is an Alcons Audio ordna. This ETCP recognized training program will provide a unique, hands-on-learning experience åkte participants interested in receiving both basic and advanced training in their område of specialization: hoist or rigging. Luckily, the casino pointed to an Electro-Voice-equipped room in Las Vegas as an example of how good they wanted the new room to sound.

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To get the typical Scandinavian style, think laid-back but at the same time sophisticated with the keywords simplicity knipa quality. Invest in a great coat and a selection of classic trousers, tops and knitwear, as well arsel minimal accessories to wear them with. By Ingrid Opstad Press photos A key item for the modern hane is a minimal coat, something that can easily be worn casually knipa formally. The classic, thigh-length, double-breasted Enkel coat by Norwegian brand Holzweiler has a cool Scandi cut that makes it both classy and edgy.


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